Alida Whitney Morgan is a self taught painter and New York Botanical Garden trained landscape and garden designer living in Spanish Harlem in NYC.

Her vibrant flower paintings are lush and sensual, evoking visceral memories of familiar subjects and commanding a closer look.  Her work is held by over 50 private collections and is available through or by contacting her at

Work can be purchased framed or unframed. Framed prices will vary on dimensions of framed pieces as will shipping and insurance fees.  Estimates for those will be provide for approval and added to final cost of piece.  Contact at

Morgan's landscapes and gardens reflect her painter's eye.  Not espousing any particular style, she sees each project as individual and seeks to interpret the clients vision using natural, sustainable materials and site appropriate plantings, focusing on color, texture and scent for sensually pleasing effects year round.  The dominant thread throughout her garden work is that sensuality accompanied by the whimsical randomness of nature evoked in her paintings.   She works primarily in the NYC and Washington DC areas but is happy to make gardens anywhere.  

For garden design, contact her at